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M.R. Systems is pleased to offer a service geared toward moving valuable audio/visual equipment into your new home. Although we tailor the service to each client, the basic framework consists of a number of key activities:

  • A pre move site survey to understand exactly what equipment is in place and what the unique needs of your move are.
  • Before the day of your move we will come in and pack up all of the equipment. We can use the original packing if you have it or we can supply suitable boxes and packing material. We will take equipment from its completely installed state - including wall hung screens, brackets and even speakers - and packing it ready for the move. All cables are labeled and packed so they can be reused in the same configuration on reinstallation. All boxes are properly labeled so that the moving company are completely aware of the nature of the contents.
  • At an agreed date after the main move we will come and reinstall the equipment in your new home. At the most basic level, equipment would be set up using the same cables and configuration as in your original home however, we can obviously tailor the installation to make the best of your new home.

This framework is completely customized to your needs and almost any requirement can be catered to. For example:

  • We can upgrade the installation of your existing system with new additional equipment and technologies if desired.
  • Supply additional plasma or LCD screens, for example installing a flat panel HDTV over your fireplace.
  • We can add additional wiring for new locations if desired.

This solution is ideal for home owners, as well as for real estate agents and relocation firms wishing to provide value added services to their portfolio. If you would like to know more then please contact us.

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